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The Francis W. Parker Robotics Club is one of the most elite and secretive organizations in the United States. The club meets in the famed Room 181 of the Francis W. Parker School in Chicago.

The FWP Robotics Club was first founded in 592 B.C. and had meeting places throughout Europe and the Middle East. It wasn’t until World War I that the club moved its headquarters to Chicago, Illinois.

Aside from Room 181, the FWP Robotics Club owns many properties around the world like the Venetia diamond mine in the Limpopo Province of South Africa and the Lavaux vineyards in Switzerland. The club is well known for having an impeccable wine collection including drinks such as the Chateau Lafite 1787 ($156,450) and Chateau Margaux 1787 ($225,000).

Room 181 contains over 600 sublevels. Due to the secrecy of Room 181 rumors have been made such as that it is the true birthplace of Jesus Christ and that he is buried on sublevel 542.

Rumor has it that they built a 22-mile particle accelerator underneath the Chicago neighborhood of Lincoln Park where they are safely producing 12 grams of Antihydrogen particles a day ($7.5 Quadrillion). With this wealth, the club plans to ruin the world economy and purchase the entire continent of Asia.

They never catch any fucking L's and have way too much money. With a net worth of over $189.3 Octillion and a history going back nearly 3000 years, the Francis W. Parker Robotics team is one of the most incredible high school organizations in U.S. history.
Some fool that's not in the FWP Robotics Club: "Did you hear that Edward Snowden leaked private "National Security Agency" files to the American people!?!

Francis W. Parker Robotics Club Member: "Yes, that was definitely Edward Snowden who did that"
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by I'm Fine July 04, 2018
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