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A jolly little town also known as ftown in the middle of no where, where everyone assumes the rainbow ends.Full of cayotes, major corn chunkage, cow farms,home schooled losers,and retarted uncles. Wouldnt be a strange land to find yourself dreaming about bunnys & llamas. People who live in this town go to pumpkin launching festivals,believe their cats will be hit by reindeer. And have late night cookito runs, in the middle of the forest. Dont be shocked if you see homosapiens/teenagers singing " francestown where the streets are black. you better watch it, you better watch your back" Where fennis was invented. Takes a gillion years to light a ffing sparkler. Little children keep themselves occupied by streaking,skinny dipping,visiting the "general", and shitting in local lakes.
Last year in francestown, we jumped over the fence of a hairy cow farm, where we procided to tell the owner we were only "thinking about it in our mind", even though she was across the street watching us the entire time. We own.
by Catie and Caroline March 31, 2007
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