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So, back in the day a young newlywed couple went back to their cabin in the majestic polish mountains and decided to have a nice drink of Krupnik (a traditional polish beverage made of vodka and honey) before consummating their marriage. The krupnik had been left outside to chill but had frozen. The horny and thirsty couple decided to melt the frozen beverage in their mouths to try and get a buzz before all the humping. This wasn't going fast enough so the guy (Fracek) said why don't we stick this frozen beverage in our asses and drink as it melts. We can fit way more stuff in our butts!! His lovely new wife (Hailey) said that is why I married you because of genius shit like that and so they buttchugged frozen alcohol from each other's asses and had guilt free polish catholic sex and this became a traditional newlywed thing in Poland.
Hey let's Frailey these margaritas real quick and go Black Friday shopping!
by MRFALCON December 07, 2017
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