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A Girl Gamer. Usually, but not specifically, regarding FPS games.
Man, these Frag Dolls are coming out of nowhere. Who knew that girls played games?
by 62 May 01, 2005
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frag /frag/ n. & v. · n. 1 number of kills. 2 a fragmentation grenade. · v. 1 to eliminate other players in multiplayer shooters (fragging).

rag·doll physics {buzzword} /ragdol fiziks/ n. 1 a program allowing videogame characters to react with realistic body and skeletal physics.

frag·doll /fragdol/ n. 1 a female gamer with the skills to dominate in multiplayer shooters. 2 a lady with the sass to use the laws of physics to her incontestable advantage.

i.e. me.
badcsplayer: damn, i just got owned by fragdoll. OMGHAX!?!?
by Heather Henry October 10, 2005
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1. An attractive female who is paid by Ubisoft to promote their games.

2. A booth babe who tries to pass herself off as a real gamer.

3. Someone who claims they would like to see the distinction between genders to be eliminated in gaming, but the existence of such a distinction is what pays their bills.
Bob: "Those FragDolls sure do a good job at promoting Ubisoft all the while fooling many into believing they're actually good at games!"

Jane: "What, they're employees of Ubisoft? I thought they were just skilled girl gamers who were overly friendly with every internet dork hoping to speak with an attractive girl!"

Bob: "Nope, and as for their skill, they couldn't game their way out of a wet paper bag. I saw it happen. The wet paper bag beat them 50 to 31 in Halo 2."
by M W July 11, 2006
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A female gamer, specifically a single chick, but sometimes (and most often) the girlfriend of a gamer. Not to be confused with a Frag-Troll, which is a gamer-chick who is "forced" to play a game.

The Envy and object of hatred from Frag-trolls.
Man, you just got roflstomped by my Frag-doll girlfriend!

Was that a chick!? Dude, totall Frag-doll...
by the Oceanborn March 25, 2009
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A girl gamer, usually used in the field of FPS games. Supposedly we have bad aim and can't shoot, therefore having to rely on frag and other types of grenades to kill enemies
Player 1: "Omg who the hell keeps throwing grenades like a lil pansy-ass?"

Player 2: "Dude there's a bunch of frag dolls over there"

Player 1: "oh shit, no wonder."
by unblondtink September 27, 2009
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