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A guy typically very handsome with stunning eyes. He has the looks that will keep you staring and every girl wants him. Fradelyn is hispanic and is usually nicknamed Fray or De-De. He is absolutely a player and is very sneaky. He loves to play with every girl he gets a chance to deal with. He is also a liar but a big flirt and noone ever realizes the things he does when they're not around. He's hansome, he's sexy, but guess what? He's a player.
Person: Hola, do you know Fradelyn?
Person2: Si, of course i do.
Person: We've been flirting a while and he just asked me out.
Person2: Wait does he go to our school? Pretty brown eyes. Sexy? Handsome?
Person: Yes.
Person2: That's my bf?!
by TruthTeller100 February 02, 2013
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