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Description: Often a contributor to the long running punk rock 'zine 'Fracture', the Fracturite is typically a bearded male in his early-mid thirties with a love for any music which sounds remotely like Sunderland dignitaries Leatherface.

Habitat: A house in any one of Leeds, London or Wakefield. Fills the message boards at with crap while goofing off at work between 9-5. Evenings are usually spent down 'The Well', travelling to see a scene band or pouring guts out in column form ('DS' is a particularly common offender here)

Idiosynchrosies: Being Punk Rock in the least Punk Rock way possible through fostering a love for alt-country, indie rock or hiking.
Remains is king of the Fracturites!
by Rocky Balboa February 11, 2004
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