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Nickname Amanda Knox gave to herself on her Myspace page prior to her Italy trip. Her multi-million dollar PR team later tried to distance her from the wild persona and blamed the name on British Tabloids.
Singer: You know you're a cute little life taker, Oh Foxy.
Guitar Player: WA wah, wa-Wa wah
Singer: Yeah you know you're a way bad break-in faker, Oh Foxy.
Guitar Payer: WA wah, wa-WA wah .
Singer: I wanna take you home, but first I'll hide all the kitchen knives. I can't believe you have the same birthday as OJ! Oh ... Foxy Knoxy.
Guitar Player: Wa-Wa WAH ... Wa-Wa WAH ...
by Johny Coccring October 30, 2011
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a nickname given by the press and the Internet to Amanda Knox, an American college student from Seattle studying in Italy who is on trial there on the charge of killing her British roommate in a violent kinky sex game with her Italian boyfriend and maybe other people around there. The Brit girl apparently was an unwilling participant in the stupid game and became the victim.
Because of the victim's nationality, the U.K. press as well as that of Italy have referred to Amanda Knox as "Foxy Knoxy". That appellation is now used by sites like that of CNN.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 12, 2009
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