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A neutral sexual act between to heterosexual males. Where one man who is very sexually aroused by a woman or an event and feels that self-gratification by masturbation will not satisfy him. That man might requests another man, generally a close friend to perform the act masturbating him instead. This will give the man two free hands to touch him during said act. This can also include two men or more doing this simultaneously at the same time. This particular act of having another person masturbates you are believed to feel more sexually stimulating then if you were to perform it yourself.

The origins of this act supposedly date back to the Vietnam War although some believe for it to be much older and dating back to WWI.

It involves two men hiding in a foxhole with bombs going off overhead. Both fearing that they might not make it threw the night and that they might never see their girlfriends again. They decide to masturbate each other while they fantasize about their girlfriends back home.

There have been certain rules lay down for this act.
1. There is to be no eye contact.
2. There is to be no verbal communication. If the recover requests the person to speed up, slow down, grip tighter, grip softer or to let go. These are done threw taps on the shoulder or over non verbal communications.

After three weeks of me missing my girlfriend my buddy gave me a foxhole handshake while I looked at her picture.
by tedbr076 February 13, 2009
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