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A school located in downtown san antonio. the mascot is completely nappropriatte for the school because instead of being smart and making a fox the mascot, they made a buffalo the mascot. wow really creative, it also sucks because a school in another district has the same mascot and during competions, cheering can get very cnfusing.pepole come from mainly 3 schools IRVING, WHEATLEY, and Hawthorne
The cliques at TECH are pretty much like every other school. There is the potheads which are pretty much conected with everyone because every one smokes now.then theres the preps, consisting mostly of jocks and people in the samrt classes, they all think their cool but nobody else does, then there is a wide variety of gangsters, some from the east(wheatley), and some from the west (irving) wich walk around acting tough, and when it comes to their graffiti it really sucks. this causes tension in the school because of all the graffiti crews going against each other and calling it a war. BUt of course there never is a war (sign of weakness) at tech there is only one clique of "rockers" or "skaters" which mostly contain a wide variety of people they talk to everyone and dont discriminate(hate)
the hardcore kids are in there too but only about 3.
the scen style is used by only a couple of people in the school and the emo kids all hang out together wich are mostly all losers that do nothing.
the style at tech is the uniform modified to make it look like your wearing street clothes. most preps will dress in hollister to confirm their identity as a prep but the next day will come back weearing clothes that make him look like a hardcore kid but call it his own style
same thing for the skaters or rockers. these days the style is all the same everyones into the same shit and once in a while youll see someone waering a scarf like the guy from brokencyde and lil wayne wear.
The Administration at tech really sucks, they never tell you youve had to much absences till you get caught doing something. the counselors are cool sometimes but theyre still asswholes, the principal liokes to act tought and show some "tought love"
but everyone still hates him ,real asswhole he is.
there are good and bad teachers
some good teachers are MR. MRATINEZ(history, short guy), Mr.De Vega (excelent teacher)
some bad teachers are Smashburn.
in the end it will probably get closed down, but who knows maybe tech will change for the better
fox tech might seem like a good school beacuse of the magnet preogram but it will get closed down for sure
by potheadzzzzzz May 22, 2009
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