A fourword is a response sent via text message that signals lack of interest in a conversation. These responses often include four words or less. Fourwords are especially common when dealing with two persons, one who has a romantic interest in the other and one who wants nothing to do with the aforementioned interested party. The indifference possessed by sender is often unnoticed by the recipient, because they are so interested that they overlook the short response, see it as a legitimate response, and proceed to respond in a much longer fashion. People who receive fourwords should notice the signs, and seek other options for their love lives.
Noun: Oh man. You need a new chick. You wrote a paragraph but all you got back was a fourword.

Adj: I can't believe she sent back a fourword response. I'm moving on.

Verb: "Man seeking woman who is interested in a relationship that invovles much more than simple fourwording."
by textking June 19, 2009
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