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A private, freelance organization of investigators, scientists and engineers who protect the innocent, the helpless and the powerless to go after criminals who operate above the law. The organization also assists the police in many investigations and is based in California with regional offices in Las Vegas and Chicago.

F.L.A.G is part of the Knight Foundation, founded by the late Wilton Knight, who died in 1982. The Foundation's chief operative was Michael Knight who was a police officer until 1982, when he was betrayed by a close friend and nearly killed by a gunshot wound to the forehead. He was rescued by the Foundation and given a new face, identity and supercar (the Knight Industries 2000) for his new life to help the Foundation in its quest to defend the innocent. Knight retired from FLAG in 1990.

The Knight Foundation developed the Knight Automated Roving Robot (K.A.R.R), a prototype supercomputer encased in a black TransAm. It was dismantled sometime before 1982.

The Foundation then developted the Knight Industries Two Thousand, a supercomputer encased in a sleek, black TransAm, modeled after the orginal K.A.R.R. K.I.T.T has all sorts of futuristic capabilities and is the better verson of the two computers. KITT is designed to protect human life, especially that of Michael Knight.
The Foundation For Law and Government is a highly respected organization by the government and police in its efforts to defend the innocent.
by November 04, 2007
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