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Norwegian for "habitational name from any of the numerous farmsteads throughout Norway named Fossen, from the definite form of fosswaterfall’ (from Old Norse fors)."
The last name of a humble, funny and family-oriented person who knows that one's dreams can become a reality through hard work, dedication, perseverance, loyalty and honesty. This person will seem reserved at first, but their personality exudes warmth, compassion, sense of humor and dependability. They strive to be a reliable friend and to help others, mostly going out of their way. In the end, they want to impact the world in a positive way, knowing that when it's all over, their life isn't defined by what wealth was accumulated or celebrity status was obtained, but rather how many people they helped and guided to a successful and happy life.
Hello Mr. Fossen. We would like to recognize your hard work and dedication with our organization and offer you a promotion and raise. Congratulations.
by mozesman February 20, 2010
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