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42nd Little Criminals 13(Forty Second Lil Criminals 13) is a street gang that started in The Los Angeles Convention Center area at Olympic and Georgia streets in the early 80's, formally Mid City Lil Criminals 1970's. the name was changed by the older gang members from this gang . The reason was that they wanted to start a new gang of their own, Mid City gang was getting too big, it was first Mid City Criminals"MCCS""MCS""MCLC",Mid City Lil Criminals were the youngters of this gang and then their was Mid City Stoners click. The alleys were tagged with two storie high block letters spelling F.S.L.C. on both front of olympic blvd and 10th street place. with one black and white 42nd on a curtain made of steel. 42nd lil criminals are Thee original "CRIMINALS" The gang spreaded all around the U.S. an Mexico and Latin America with members of each country. BOTH 42ND'LC"AND "MCS hbls,cls,33rd""MCLC kdls,ngs" Have berry good relation ship.
by Beloz November 22, 2009
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