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These inexplicably strange creatures that are sadly stealing our oxygen, live in the most obscure, moist, and soundless rooms AKA their parents basement. Fortnite Faggots spend most of their time playing the video game. Fortnite. They use their cancer-suffering mom's credit card to pay their 'Battle Passes', as the game Fortnite proceeds in it's succession throughout the world.
Stop playing that video game! You are becoming one of the Fortnite Faggots!

Stop playing that video game, El Primo! You are becoming a Fortnite Fish!
by Penis the school shooter May 20, 2018
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A kid( or teen) thats 7-18 years old who does fortnite dances or brags/talks about fortnite in public and feels like the coolest shit on the block but actually never gets invited to a birthday party . Also often referred to as an eternal virgin
,,man i really wanted to punch that stupid little fortnite faggot on the bus today but sadly he got away before i could do anything.“
by Sticky Lube October 22, 2018
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Idiots who waste all their free time playing a shitty cartoony version of pubg
Derek: Yo, you wanna come over to my place and play pubg
Ian (fortnite faggot): Nah man, I'm playing squads with Zach and my new girlfriend, Erin
Derek: Oh, I didn't realize you were on that side of the fence
by CatzMeOutside May 20, 2018
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