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Fort Salonga is a quite town located near the Long Island Sound. The town is very wooded and they are numerous secluded homes. the houses range from middle class to the rich. It is a predominately a white town. There is basically nothing to do here except go to Callahan's beach or to one of the private beaches located on the Long island Sound. The High School is located in Kings Park. All the rich kids that attend Kings Park High School are from Fort Salonga.
by summer22 June 16, 2009
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Fort Salonga is a small part of Northport & Kings Park, Its a bunch of White Kids and Mexicans Who Loiter Around IGA and Callahan Beach All Day Then At Night Do Alot Of Drugs and Commit Small Time Crimes Such As Burgalries and Property Damages Just Because They Want Hood Respect. Then Give Them Self Nicknames Like FS-Hood and Fort-Stompya & Graffiti That All Over Town.
Fort Salonga, NY aka FS-HOOD
by CallhanBeachKILLAH July 20, 2009
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