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A pure Hip-Hop side project of Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park. First Album is The Rising Tied released November 22 2005.

Arties who are contributing to the project are Black Thought, Common, Kenna, Lupe Fiasco, John Legend, Styles of Beyond, Holly Brook and Mr. Hahn.
Have you heard for Fort Minor? Yeah the hip hop Project That Mike Shinoda is doing.
by LintShaver October 11, 2005
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Pure, unblemished, beautiful genius; the closest thing the world has seen to classic hip-hop since Jay-Z.
Me: Have you heard it yet?

Anyone: What?

Me: Fort Minor?

Anyone: Why?

Me: Because your life, quite simply, isn't complete yet.
by Andy The King August 10, 2006
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pur Genius. rap at it's best. a rising of a tied that can't be stoped!
A fort that everyone wants to be a part of. Uniqueness that is unmeasurable!
Truth is this is one of the raps that is positive , and many should listen to because in fort minors new Cd "the rising tied" it really talk about life and the struggle. This is something that we can all relate too.
mike (of fort minor):did you get the fort minor Cd?
Mike:How much do you love me
mike:do you wanna be, wanna be, like mikey
fans:Fuck yes!
Mike:There you go, the truth has set you free!
by lilroc July 17, 2006
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Fort Minor is Mike Shinoda's Side Project that he has been on working on. Mike wanted to try something new, and try a more Hip-hop edgier thing. Fort Minor is all kinds of genre you can think of, Hip-Hop, Rock, & Pop, combined.
Famous Songs From The Rising Tied Include : Remember The Name ft. Styles Of Beyond. , Believe Me , & Petrified.
Those aren't the best songs on Fort Minor's Rising Tied,
My Favs are : Where'd You Go?, Red To Black, And Be Somebody.
The Rising Tied also include collaberations with:
Holly Brooks, Styles Of Beyond, Sixx John & John Legend And Many More. Fort Minor is the new thing out there
different from your average rap/rap group, Fort Minor has beats that you couldn't even think that could be ever done!

FM -------------------------- FM ---------------------FM
Dude : I'm listening to Lindsay Lohan & William Hung

Dude 2 : Thats Just Wrong(no affence), Listen To Fort Minor The Best Thing Ever.


Dude : No Shit Shirlock.
by P3'd January 10, 2006
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One sentence fully describes Fort minor : "Work of art"
expressing hip hop in ways unimaginable. New style of hip hop thats irreplaceble. Beats with sound thats irerasable from the mind. Lyrics that moves the heart, mind, body, and soul. Your head will be rockin to the beat of the sounds, to the lyrics that comes out of this mans mouth. this man is Michael kenji shinoda. true artist with true feelins speakin about the "truth" about life. the "truth " shall set you free. With fort minor truth is released , as you hear as they preach, with the new kind of beats. Your bound to jump out your seat and buy the Cds.

'the rising tied" in stores now, you bounded to take a bow, to your true hip hop masters. A tid that no brick or fence can stop. A wave of artist that have been sent to shape the world for people of all ages, young and old. this S#$T was sold.
Bobby and boy are brothers. Bobby listens to fort minor, and loves mike shinodas style, and his style of wrting. In this scene Bobby breaks in his own house, He use to rob people, but noe since listening to "The rising tied" Bobby uses his aggressiveness to good use.
Bobby : Get your PunkA$$ up and buy the CD
(points pistol at boy)
boy; Okay! Okay! Take whatever you want! Don't hurt me.... I'm going
(boy gets up from bed and rushes for shoes)
Bobby; Foo you think i'm playing, what you don't like this S#$T?
boy: sure I do....
(bobby points pistol at boy)
Bobby: Thats not what i want to hear, motha trucker
(boy cries)
Bobby: Say it......NOW!
Boy: Okay! Okay (boy cries) I LOVE THIS S@#T! I LOVE THE RISING TIED
Bobby: thats what I wanted to hear, now move A$$
(Boy tries to put shoes on)
Bobby: "Wait a minute..What the F$%K you doin?"
Boy: Putting my shoes on
Bobby : Foo you think I'm playin, you better get you A$$ out that door NOW!Your shoes are not important foo F$#K FACE!
(Bobby Shoots celing, boy runs out the door, to music store,)
Boy: okay, but later I'm tellin mom!
(bobby whips the tears from his face)
Bobby: my work is done here, time to go next door.
by lilroc July 17, 2006
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Fort Minor - An old Fort, that was only Minor.

Whoops wrong definition...

Fort Minor - A side project created by Mike Shinoda. Featuring Styles of Beyond.

And if you havn't heard of Fort Minor and or hate them: Don't talk to me, we can't be friends anymore. Stop staring at me! Stop crying! -walks away-
For to knowing of what this is I have examples.

If you watch MTV they often show the music video 'Where'd You Go'. That is Fort Minor.
(And these are from 'The Rising Tied)
There are other songs like,

Remember The Name
Red To Black
Believe Me

(There are more but I am to lazy to contnue the list)
by LinkinParkLP July 06, 2006
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