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~Forever Is Real Means: What we had was real no matter what anyone can or will say, just because your not here anymore, doesnt mean that in the end we will meet again.
~The Meaning Of Forever : All the things left un said, anything I cant Articulate into words. All the colors in the sky. Every plant, Tree, Flower, Living Beautiful Thing! Our Love! Our Connection! Our Hearts! Forever My Lovey! It does Not mean we will be together forever!
~The True Meaning Of Best Friends!! A New Chapter In Life! A Closed Door only Leading to a New Beginning! A Real 100% Understanding of Each Other or of a paticular Situation or Scenerio!
~Ride Or Die
1. I miss you, Joey, but I know FOREVER IS REAL!
2. I love you , Forever!
3. ~Are you understanding what i am saying to you? ~To the extant of how much it means, Yeah your my Forever! 100%
4. The important part is that no matter what anyone says, Forever Is Real!
5. You will always be my Forever, thats Love riiiiighhhhht there!

6. You are my only Ride or Die, Ill ride with you, Ride for You and if need be , Die for you, Forever is Real!!!
by SakaliiLove February 15, 2017
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Person 2: It's OK, I have Prime.
by SamboMayhem August 01, 2020
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