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A man or woman that has been taken as a mate by a large woodland creature (such as a bear), hermit, or mythical forest-dwelling creature, typically against that person's will.
"Your husband appears to be traveling with the bear. Either as hostage or as what we call a "forest bride."
by Nathizzle December 06, 2015
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Someone who has been forced to live with a forest animal. The animal is usually large like a bear or the mythical Bigfoot.
The couple in the horror movie, Willow Creek, caught a glimpse at a naked women that had been taken by a Sasquatch to be his forest bride.
by Fred Croft November 20, 2016
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The term originated during WW2. If you were being hunted by your government or hunted during War Tine, your sexual partner would be considered your "Forest Bride".
Jew1: "Who you shaggin' bro?"

Jew2: "I got myself a Forest Bride, cause Hitler's chasing me"
by Bengimin January 20, 2012
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