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A Vehicle made by the Ford Motor Corporation.
-Ultra low quality styling
-Lowest grade assembling (even low quality chinese factories believed it was crap)
-Has about as much appeal as Grandma Porn
-Has a engine that would struggle to power a lawn mower
-Does the quarter mile somewhere between tuesday and friday
-Causes Instant embarrassment for the driver who should invest in a paper bag for their head.
-Last of all you would be more safe juggling sticks of highly dangerous uranium rather than having an accident in one. (eg. Better chance of surviving a nuclear fallout)
Character 1: Did you hear that James got a Ford KA?
Character 2: Its not funny to make jokes like that
Character 1: I'm Serious!
Character 2: What an absolute cock-bag... James is the lowest form of life and doesn't deserve to live, buying a ford Ka is like worshiping the devil, he is a danger to society and should be shot on sight...
by Gantu February 20, 2008
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My lovely car =) Reliable and speedy woo
StreetKa Ka Sport, both great cars
by KaT January 28, 2005
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An ill advised experiment to construct an automobile from the following items;
1. Upturned tin bathtub.
2. Low-grade plastic novelty items from a charity shop.
3. A moldy turd.
4. A fresh turd.
5. The contents of yesterdays 'jam-rag' bin.
6. A used Johnny.
7. Discarded unwashed clothing reclaimed from the bins behind a well 'stocked' hospice.
8. Another turd.

The Ford KA stood out from the crowd because of its particularly charming ability to induce pointing, laughing, projectile vomiting & dry minges.
Person 1: "Who in the Mary Hinge laid a giant brown 'arse' dreadnought outside my house?!"
Person 2: "Aaah, yeah that'll be me, it's a car, a Ford KA... what'dya think of her?"
Person 1: "Push it into the sea at once, i'll give you a hand, hopefully it'll sink. & let's not talk of your faux pas again. Idiot."
by Bob007 August 12, 2008
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