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Every little boys dream. But for 60grand...youd expect more than a dressed up overweight Ford Focus. 2ltr, in a truck that size ? Ok it has 2 turbos....and aparently has the same 10 speed transmission as the Actual f150 Raptor....why ? Because it needs all the extra gears to survive lol....Fucking awesome concept with a 💩 sooner own a pootrol.
Chick; oh hey, sorry i didnt hear you pull up, my electric leg shaver must of drowned out the sound of your car ?

Bloke; Car ? Nah ive got a truck. A Ford Raptor 🥰

Chick;Oh fuck yeah, i love them...6.2ltrs of pure sex, 411horsepower from the factory....oh man, i love love love love them...ive watched every youtube so much about them....i cant believe im dating someone with a makes me soooo so turned on rite now 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Bloke; aaaHhhh nah, its not that Raptor 😩

....aaahhh its a Ford Ranger Raptor 😁

Chick; What the fuck did you say ?

Bloke; Umm, yeah so its a Ford Ranger Rapt...

Chick; FUCKOFF ! YOUR KIDDING RIGHT ? 🤬 Ranger and Raptor dont ever fit in the same category ! Please tell me that its still got at the very least the 411horsepower 6.2ltr V8 !

Bloke; Yeah nah, its a twin turbo though 😨

Chick; So its a twin turbo V8 then ?

Bloke; Ah nope 😓

Chick; Ah ok, so its a twin turbo V6 then ? Thats still ok i guess...🤔

Bloke; ah nope 😪

Chick; So, your telling me it hasnt got a V8.
You telling me it dosent even have a V6 ? WTF does it have ? 🤬

Bloke; it has a 10speed transmission, and a twin turbo 2ltr engi....

Chick; Wait wait what ! It has a 2ltr twin turbo engine ? And you have the balls to look me in the eye and say "Oh i have a Ford Raptor"......Get the fuck outta here you fucking idiot ! Next your gonna tell me you happily paid 60grand for it.

by Youdontownaraptoritsaranger February 11, 2019
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