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Forceio is a commonly used term by people in the South East of London. It usually used when a person of Male pridominance comes up behind a female and begins doing sexual actions to them that the girl does not want. The term 'forcieo' is usually applied to Nigerian males hence the 'io' after the word force. Other forms of force include: Taking food from young white males who do not actually want to give it to you and throwing teachers into doors for no apparent reason. Forcio is usually executed with a killer look. Another example of forcio is getting smacked by your parents for coming home at 10PM.
Small white kid eating his home made sandwich. Big black male comes ' Ey Lemme av sum of dat sandwich' ( Black male gives white male ' the look ' and white male has no option but to give substantial amounts of sandwich to the forceful male. Forceio has been executed.
by The Victim Of Force December 03, 2009
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