Foppatoffel is the Swedish word for the Crocs slippers produced by Crocs, Inc. These slippers have their trademark design - foam sippers with mutiple holes in symertic locations on the top of the slippers.

The name "foppatoffel" is the combination of the words "Foppa" and "toffel". Foppa is the nickname of the famous Swedish icehockey player Peter Frosberg, while "tofflel" is the Swedish word for slipper.

This, seamingly odd, name derives from the fact that Forsberg is a owner to the company that previosly imported Crocs to the Swedish market. Forsberg also used these slippers for a period, after a injury in one of his heels.
Hello, I want to buy what we in Sweden call "foppatoffla".

I love the fact that foppatofflor floats - I drop mine in the water all the time!

Look at my new foppatofflor! I bought new ones 'cause my left foppatoffel have been somewhat broken for a while now.
by Tim-Lu November 5, 2009
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