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When an individual goes out of his/her way to touch your foot with their own foot, but they do not pull their foot back. He/she will hold their foot against the victim's foot for an extended period of time, thus making this foot-molestation. It is a very unwanted and unpleasant experience for the victim. It is usually a sign of homosexuality when both parties are the same sex.

After the incident occurs you feel defiled and dirty, and can't get the unpleasant queer feeling to go away. It's completely normal, it takes time for the effects to go away.
(Soldier 1 touches Soldier 2's foot under the table)
Soldier 2: Ew, I'm filing sexual harassment according AR 216-2.5 which covers all aspects of foot-molestation.
Soldier 1: No, please don't tell on me, I'm your sergeant.
Soldier 2: Fuck, why did they have to let fags in the army.
by MikeHunt1987 July 03, 2012
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