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Someone – usually a teenage to very early 20s, middle class, privileged, western vanilla girl – who "sells feet pics" to footfags for them to jerk off to, while not considering it a form of sex work. More often than not, the sale of these feet pics are shamelessly advertised through the their personal SFW social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc) and transactions are usually carried out through PayPal - which incidentally does NOT support the exchange of adult content.

Similarly to girls who want to become "sugar babies", a key component to being a foot thot is a huge sense of entitlement and a lack of work ethic. NOT to be confused with actual sex workers or fetish models, who may also cater to footfags as part of their usual career.

As frustrating as their existence may be, foot thots wouldn't be around if it weren't for the creeps who can't keep their fetishes to themselves, and constantly feel the need to sperg about how much they love creamy teen soles.

Famous examples include YouTuber Daniel Sulzbach AKA MrRepzion, and former Vine star Sarah Schauer.
Girl 1: so this guy slid into my DMs wanting feet pics??? I said I'll do it for $100.

Girl 2: sis wyd... you're being a foot thot.
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by BoopDeBoopBoop March 21, 2019
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