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An argument strategy in which person A, after calling person B something derogatory, brings up misinformation on a subject which a person rightfully belonging under said derogatory label would be passionate about, even if the information is relatively common knowledge. If person B is struggling for a rebuttal and decides to instead criticize person A's lack of understanding of the subject as a means of degrading them, they will instead end up lending validity to person A's insult by appearing to be knowledgeable on topics which a person belonging to the derogatory label would normally be knowledgeable on. Anyone attempting a Fool's Strawman can appear less intelligent and jock-ish due to the nature of the maneuver, but is usually of higher intelligence than the person they are roasting. It is best explained by example:
A: Wow, I bet you jerk off to those Chinese hentais you f***ing f**g.
B: Haha, those are Japanese not Chinese, you can't even get that right? R****d.
A: I wouldn't know, I don't watch that s**t... you would know though.

As we can see, B falls right into the Fool's Strawman by showing some degree of knowledge on the topic of hentai, thus making A's accusations more credible. Let's keep going:

B: Wow you're so edgy, f***ing memelord using tricks he learned on Urban Dictionary and s**t.
A: What the f**k is a memelord? Are you one of those 4chan f****ts? Are you gonna be triggered if I don't get your gender right?
B: That's not a 4chan thing, that's Tumblr!
A: Sorry, I don't sit on my computer jerking off to hentai and going on 4chan instead of talking to girls.
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by R@D November 08, 2016
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