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or commonly called "Tan" she is the best friend a girl could have. She's pretty much awesome. She's friggin insane and enjoys peeing on lawns while drunk with her best friend, also, she enjoys getting completely wasted and passing out on her floor while taking pictures. In a nutshell, Fontanna is the shit, and if you have a problem with her you can shove it up your ass. Love youuuuuu <3
that girl is wasted, she must be a Fontanna.
by mpodyo February 05, 2010
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The most gorgeous woman in the world! If you dont think so you are probably just jealus and you should go hang you're self. I would do anyting for her, i would never leave her side because she is my best friend
that woman is gorgeous, her name must be Fontanna
by FTFU February 04, 2010
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