This is the ideal infantry order and display of leadership! It denotes leading from the front.
by I, Wreckerrr October 18, 2020
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1. follow me by unkle kracker: (a) best song in the world, (b) song that thousands of innocent, younger elementary aged girls sang along to and fell in love with before they knew the real meaning of the words

2. seductive theme song for heroin addicts and/or adulterers
1. *follow me by unkle kracker plays on the car radio* four and six year old sisters shouting in the backseat: "SWIM THROUGH YOUR VEINS LIKE A FISH IN THE SEA!"

2. as a herion addict suffers withdrawal, ''follow me'' echoes through his head, taunting him, seducing him to get high again.

young man sings ''follow me'' to his married mistress
by ma.st99 January 27, 2011
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a fanpages worst nightmare to see in the comments of their instagram posts. fanpages do not aknowledge these kinds of things in the comments of their posts and it is likely that the person who tells the fanpage to follow them will get blocked. don't ever say this in the comments of their instagram when they are trying to show their love and support to their favs, they don't want to see this being said. respect fanpages because they are the ones working hard to bring you content for your entertainment.
"please follow me"

"follow me and i follow back"

"follow me, i am a fan"
by ggroupsite September 6, 2020
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When a friend stands in a driveway and tells you with a smile one her/his face and say's, "I have an idea and watch they will all follow me."
Girl: Can time go backwards?
Guy: They follow me Sally watch, I started it first and they follow me.
Girl: Whatever silly don't be so cocky. How was your day? Are you too busy to talk?
Guy: No, whats up?
Girl: I just wanted to communicate with you.

(5years later)
Guy: We should just do it. We want to have sex. I think you deserve better in life.
Girl: We will ruin or friendship and I have feelings for you already.
Guy: I'll never harm you. If I were a samurai and I could ever save your life would you let me? Roschell told me no.
Girl: (Laughing) Ok, but only if the children can be saved too. (under her breath) I love you____.
*(He didn't hear me because of the traffic at the intersection turning into the drive way of Logan's, I never said it again *until now*)
(10 years later)

Woman: Nice hat
Man: I told you Sally, they follow me.
Woman: For good or bad reasons?
Man: Ra meaning I'm a sledghammer and I'm right
Woman: Are you really? Glad "The Man" gets to runn that's right R. u. N.N. his mouth and away. Never say I didn't warn you. Look like an Ass and a whole bit of never shows up when love calls. Have fun with shallow hallows. Did you ever really love me was that a faced/ad to get me in the sack that many times tricky dixcsnon?

Has he won the Oscar for best preformance but it was all and act? That's why they get called Oscar J Deezy's. When they want to, as they would say "Hit That" all the boys pull out that Oscar winning performance. Then dump you and call you a hoe, hooch, the list goes on...and or a bitch that won't give it up. Sockondeez words smithy Doe!
by WlfC'sUrTricksSuckITJ February 5, 2010
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Also known as: MFM

Chasing money to a point where it follows you. As in overlapping. When this is done, you are forever surrounded by money.

Coined and made popular by the music artist, Thoro.
A: "What you been up to?"
B: "Shit, grinding so hard, this Money Following Me!"
by Episode_Eve January 20, 2012
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Female shoes, pumps, boots, stilettos, designed to attract male attention
Fuck me pumps; fuck me shoes; follow me home boots, hence the expression "follow me home and fuck me's".
by Ramiey August 13, 2011
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