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A morning treat that is a great accompaniment to the Portuguese breakfast, the Foley Cannoli is a popular Sicilian treat sure to please your morning guest(s). It can be readily made by taking a pastry dough and wrapping it around your dick. You then proceed to stick it inside your lucky victim and fuck her for a hearty 10-15 minutes, long enough to get the juices absorbed into the dough. These add the essential flavors to your cannoli. When you're about to cum, you pull out and fill the inside of the dough with your man cream sauce. After, throw it in a pan with butter and let fry for several mintues. This should produce a delectable appetizer for two as your Portuguese breakfast cooks.
*If not served quickly, the shells will lose their crisp texture.
Dustin: Hey man it's like 4 in the afternoon! What happened to you last night?!?

Pete: I went over to Sara's room for the night. I thought I'd treat her to some breakfast in bed in morning.

Dustin: That's nice of you. Orange juice and pancakes?

Pete: No. A Portuguese breakfast with a Foley Cannoli on the side.

Dustin: Oh god. She's going to get a huge yeast infection. I'm going to go throw up now
by AQdelights February 19, 2010
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