A dirogatory term used towards an alien species that scavanges and is a bottom dweller

The only thing Wikus Van Der Mwere can think of to say to the prawns, his only dis
by Areh January 12, 2010
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A word used mainly (or only in my knowledge) in southern Africa to refer to a group or person that is ever not making sense or a nicer way of saying the person is not that bright or smart
The word Fokken used in front shows its an opinion or statement ,towards the person saying the sentence(this is the correct form but its almost never used as such)
Poes at the end rounds it down and can be left out but will make the statement harsh to the individuals
The man going crazy is a fokken dom poes .
This group is fokken dom poes.
Its not nice calling someone dumb rather say foken dom poes.
by Geinstein June 21, 2018
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