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(adverb) A new distinctive way to say cool, awesome, Hell Yeah, For sure, Hell fuckin yeah or Fuckin Sweet. The phrase "Fo Chev" comes from "Fo Sure", it's Fairly New in context and is a good way to describe something that is out right amazing. First used by stoners in Vegas that were tired of kids saying "Fo SHO" after seeing the movie Superbad.

It is frequently used by The Clowns From FrightDome las vegas; Buster, Riggs and Khaos

Chev - can be traced back to the Chevrolet car Chevelle.
We're going cougar hunting tonight, FO CHEV!

Buster- Hey, are you coming to the party?

Riggs- Fo Chev!
by BrockFever May 07, 2008
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