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A Flying kangaroo is a sexual manuever where a man ties his lover down to the bed and attaches a fanny pack to her. The man then proceeds to climb atop of an elevated surface in order to preform a kangaroo-esque leap into the woman's pouch. The man screams GOOD AY' MATE as he flies through the air approaching the pouch. As he is flying towards the ground the man inserts his dick into the fanny pack.
After seeing a hole in his moms fanny pack and his dad popping ibuprofen, mike knew his parents had attempted a flying kangaroo.
by Floppy to nut January 23, 2018
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A mythical creature that flies and smokes marijuana....often seen by residents of a small neighborhood called cameron park in Brownsville, TX....
Mostly seen by a crazy guy called jex.
He's a little flying kangaroo..and he likes to fly...KaKa!,KaKa!,KaKa!....As he goes in the sky!
by Jex Bonepartz August 06, 2006
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