Where a girl is having a foursome and there's a guy on her left, right, and in front of her. She gives hand jobs to the two on her right and left and a blowjob to the one in front, the motions make her look like she's a flamingo flying
by DStars October 27, 2007
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When a girl is having a foursome with 3 guys. 2 guys standing to her sides and one in front. the 2 guys on her sides get handjobs and the guy in front gets blown. The part that makes this different than the flying flamingo is that the girl does everything not simultaneously. This makes the girl look like a retarded flying flamingo.
by Realmenrideponies September 7, 2010
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When a woman with a rather large clitoris has anal sex with another woman, using said clitoris.
Bob:I can't believe Anita Flying Pink Flamingoed Jen!
Tom:I know, Anita is so small but her clitoris is SO BIG!
Eric: It's like fuckin Sputnik!
by Eman & T-Dizzle May 9, 2006
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