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In fluffy's room there is a hallow part in the wall. When the wall is pushed aside there is a cupbord, with a lock on it. The key to that lock is in fluffy's top drawer under his man panties. When the key is put in the lock and turned clockwise a little twinkley music box song starts to play. Leaving the key in the lock fluffy goes and sits on his bed and when the music stops the cupbord door slowly opens and a midget walks out in a mechanical fashion. With both shoes and socks removed fluffy raises his feet a few inches off the ground. The midget approaches fluffy's feet and begins to trim fluffy's toe nails with his teeth. When the midget is done with the toe nail nibbleing he forms a large ball shaped figure in its mouth and spits it out and then walks back in to its cupbord. Fluffy locks the cupbord and returns the key to its rightful place. On his way out of the room he picks up the toenail ball figure and puts it in his pocket to sell to the mexicans on the corner as a paper weight.
Hey jason have you ever heard about the legend of Fluffys cupbord midget?
by my lipstick's on his collar March 08, 2005
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