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FlowerMound highschool is a gay school full of rich white kids and Indians. Everyone’s racist and all the kids drive better cars than the teachers. Everyone hates eachother and can’t go a single day without starting shit. The cross country team is the only good sports team, but atleast our band is good. FlowerMound has a rivalry with Marcus Highschool. Marcus is gay. At FlowerMound all the girls are hoes and all the guys are fuckboys. If our football team can ever win more than 3 games in a season it’s a successful year that’s how bad we are. Football team please just win a single game. The freshman campus is better than the main campus what is wrong with this school.
“I had sex with my best friends boyfriend in his mansion.”
Oh you must go to FlowerMound Highschool.”
by JaggyTheJaguar May 20, 2018
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