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The act of circulating the penis throughout the vagina during sexual intercourse, due to either lack of penile girth or excessive vaginal elasticity, in order to increase sexual pleasure for either or both parties.
Ex. 1:
Brandi: How was your date with Joe?
Tina: Eh, okay. He bought me dinner so I took him back to my place.
Brandi: How’d that go?
Tina: I’ve had better. He was so small I had to tell him to floss the mollusk.
Brandi: Yeah, I find flossing the mollusk helps sometimes.

Ex. 2
Joe: Dude, I totally fucked Tina last night after taking her to McDonald’s.
Tom: How was it?
Joe: She was so loose I had to floss the mollusk.
by Zachy and JameJame October 28, 2011
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