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A town in florida is chosen after an olympics committe style choosing process.

The town spends a week collecting liquidy shit in a large vat, the Fire Hose ground collects said shit and places it in a fire hydrant

The fire hydrant along with dozens if not hundreds of fakes are placed around the town

People crowd around different fire hydrants with the hope that theirs contains the liquidy shit

At a given hour the hydrants are opened and the liquidy goodness sprays on the people who chose the right one

Who claim their prize of licking each other clean
Man 1: yeehaaaa

Girl 1: Whats that smell

Man 1: I just gone won me the Florida Fire-Hose (annual event) that liquidy goodness covered me from head to toe

Girl 1: damn, i missed it i was too busy touching my self to twilight, cooking and cleaning, the only activities females ever partake in
by Reverend Pope May 28, 2010
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