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1. :A genre of music describing the art of plants playing music with people, with the aid of an electronic device.

2. : the art of plants creating music

3. :plant sensory controlled music/lights/etc.

4. :a person's ability to understand how to create harmonious music with a plant that is creating improvisational music with the aid of an electronic device

*Plants create music with a device that measures a plants electromagnetic resistance from root to tip. The device converts the electromagnetic measurements into a wave form, allowing musical notes to be assigned to the various wave peaks. Through that, those electromagnetic waves can be converted into audible music allowing plants to create music and conduct light shows! Once a plant is connected to the device and begins to play music, it seems to respond when other plants or people are making music in the same area. When people are musically proficient enough to play correctly with the plants an amazing concert can be heard.

Other Words:


\ ˌfl-ȯr- gə- nō- ˈlep- ti- k(ə- )lē \


\ ˌfl-ȯr-gə-nō-ˈlep-ti-k(iz)-əm \


Examples In A Sentence:

Florganoleptic Music is a genre of music involving the act of plants creating improvisational music with humans.

I went to see a florganoleptic music concert last night and it was life changing!

Florganoleptics is an amazing new concept.

I'm really into florganolepticism.

Florganoleptically speaking, the plant created amazing music.
by Cosmic Knot February 21, 2020
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