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A radio, television or media personality such as Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity whom regularly and honorably uses humiliation, degradation and sarcasm, usually in the form of partisan political spin in the hypocritical pretext of good versus bad as a linguistic form of schoolyard bullying. The use of these mud slinging tactics attracts or causes a "flock" of people to the playground arena (media arena) where the mud slinging occurs. The same as when a bully starts a fight at school and everyone hurriedly circles around to see the showdown or when everyone flocks to the scene of a terrible traffic accident. Sometimes a particular subject or person can attract an even greater crowd. Similar to a Shock Jock but instead of obscenity through sexual content as the main offering for entertainment. A Flock Jock uses humiliation and a slew of non-civilized, biased, personal and tactical attacks on a political stage as the main form of entertainment
What the flock jock? Don't you have anything nice to say about EVERYONE?
by Comkind October 14, 2007
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