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Being the victim of a flippant ant who steals food from your picnic and is indifferent to how annoying it is for the victim, the ant is flippant in that it takes the food and relocates it indiscriminately without the desire to feed on it.
John: 'hey, where did the remainder of my food go, im sure i put it down next to me'
Chris: 'that ant annoyingly moved it behind you, but he isnt eating it, i think he is just trying to cause confusion and annoyance, or is indifferent towards the consequences'
John: 'man, ive just been flippantid'

'Far out, today i was flippantid like 10 times; this ant continually stole and moved my food, with total ambivalence towards the outcome of such action'
by Lounge Party June 01, 2010
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