A term that refers to the type of Coney dog that is served in Coney Island restaurants and diners in Michigan. A true Flint style Coney is a Koegels hot dog served on a steamed bun with Coney sauce, onions and mustard only. The key is that Flint style must use the dry, loose meat Coney sauce NOT red sauce or chili sauce and NO beans or sauer kraut. If the dog is served with chili then it’s just a generic Coney dog, Chili dog or in Michigan a Detroit style dog.

The people of the nitty gritty city of Flint, MI feel that the Flint Style Coney dog rivals a Chicago hot dog and that Koegels hot dogs rival Hebrew National, Nathan's and any hot dog or chili dog seved on the east coast. There is always an on-going discussion/contest between Flint and Detroit on who has the best Coney (Coney sauce vs. Chili sauce).
"Gimme Two-Up with everything and make em' Flint Style."
"You want those Coney's Flint Style or Detroit Style?"
by StingerDawg June 4, 2007
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v. Apologize for being an asshole, by being an even bigger asshole.
My ol lady was mad cause I took her to a strip club on a date:
I could tell she was upset about it, so instead of a lap dance, I Larry Flint Styled it to the V.I.P. for an hour to let her calm down.
by aliasUNKNOWN January 31, 2011
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