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Flirt-talking. The situation in which one simultaneously engaging in the ancient (thought to have orginated in Russia) art of flirting as well as the ancient (thought to have originated in Zambia) art of talking. The resulting product can only be described as "dope as SHIZZZ, son!"

*Note -- the greatest flilker to have ever walked this planet was Billy "The Flilkanator" Shakespeare: the one true hot sexy beast. (:
(Deathly Hallow spoilers ahead)

Harry: You don't even have to say "Luminos Maxima" to turn me on! Are you using the Confundus charm or are you just naturally mind blowing?
Ginny: Ooh, your flilking skills would warm Voldemort's heart, especially around Christmastime.


Edward: You're EXACTLY my brand of heroin.
Bella: (doesn't even have to say anything!!! SHe's beyond turned on!)
by MarkTwainyouoweme50buckss December 25, 2008
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