The behavior of deliberately showing yourself off about your personal belongings in the goal of giving yourself higher value in front of other people. (noun from the verb to flex)
• Very widespread in daily life’s social settings (workplace, school etc.) and especially through social media platforms. (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube etc.)
• Common topics bragged about are: Expensive stuff (electronic devices, money, clothing, beauty products etc.), physical appearance (body, face, curves, skin, hair, health, etc.) and personal success (academic performance, business, talent, lifestyle luxury etc.)
• The targeted audiences for this demeanor are classified into 4 categories: Friends, family members (siblings, cousins etc.), acquaintances and online strangers.

• Celebrities and influencers are definitely the best at seducing all their admirers, but even ordinary people like us have already bragged at least once in our life about something we had.
• The main reasons why people involve themselves into this type of activity is to obtain approval, attention and recognition from their peers, to try fulfilling an emotional emptiness inside of them, or to simply cure their boredom on the internet.

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Kate: "Hey Rhett, do you have AirPods? I forgot them at home."
Rhett: "No, sorry, I don't have a pair."
Kate: "Just kidding, they’re right here. And I just bought them last week, isn't that cool?!"
Joe (Rhett's friend): "Let that girl be. She's into flex culture."
by FaithfullyDefiningInMyOwnWords November 19, 2021