The Fletcher School is a k-12 school located in charlotte, North Carolina. They specialize in catering to autistic and down syndrome students.
Whittaker went to The Fletcher School and is doing much better now.
by johnsmith69696 October 11, 2021
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Where all the jits vape in the bathroom.
Human 1: “you go to fletcher high school
Jit: “yeah”
Human 1: “damn that sucks bro”
by FuckSandalwood March 28, 2022
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To date, the only graduate school dedicated to international relations where the majority of students are not hyper-competitive, pretentious, or trust-fund babies. Students choose two concentrations (international security, human security, international development, international legal studies, etc.) and submit a thesis in their final semester. The Fletcher School is affiliated with Tufts University, but maintains autonomy in its course offerings, fundraising and programmatic events.
To further his career with the Bangladeshi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed decided to study environmental politics and conflict resolution at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.
by Simona Halep August 22, 2022
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