a fictional magical property of persepective believed to be true by flat earth proponents to explain why the bottoms of distant objects can't be seen without admitting that the earth is sphere
You can't see the Roger's Centre across Lake Ontarion from Niagara-on-the-Lake because of flerspective.
by Keigh See September 2, 2017
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The most popular ad hoc excuse used by a Flat Earther when cornered with problems that can be perceived by our own eyes such as objects behind the horizon, the existence of two celestrial poles, sunsets and so on. The term itself is not actually used by the Flerf who simply refers to it as "perspective" - but since it has ZERO to do with the ACTUAL laws of perspective, opponents of the Flat Earth came up with this portmanteau instead.

When pressed for details, the "explanation" given is basically an assault on your brain cells. It involves the "vanishing point" which is yet another real concept hijacked by the Flat Earth to suit their warped agenda. This vanishing point (which is conveniently as far away as the horizon would be on a globe) is the reason objects become smaller with more distance (except when it's the sun) and when reached, instead of being gone, the object has its lower half cut off because apparently that's how it works now ... for some reason.

Other variations include "You can only see so far!" which is a card often pulled when confronted with the question why we can't see the sun at night when it's allegedly always above the surface of the earth. Why this Nobel-Prize worthy discovery doesn't account for stars even further away than the sun is brilliantly explained with "Do your own research!"
Sane person: "Care to explain why ships go over the horizon if the earth is flat?"

Flattie boi: "Learn about perspective! When the ship is over the horizon, try zooming in with a pair of binoculars and your ship reappears ... so don't lie to me!"

Sane person: "Nope. After watching the videos you sent me, it turns out YOU were the one lying to ME. Never did you ever zoom in on a ship that is visibly behind the horizon - you simply claimed it was and after the zoom one could see it was never even close to the horizon. It's like a before-after-pic without the before-picture. Are you perhaps too dumb to know the difference between 'not visible' and 'obscured by the horizon'?"

Flattie boi: "Instead of calling me a liar, why don't you go out and --"

Sane person: "-- do it myself? I checked your little flerspective-excuse this morning. The ship doesn't budge one bit."

Flattie boi: "W-well, you didn't zoom HARD enough!"
by Psy Fi April 17, 2019
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