A stroke played in Australian handball where the ball strikes the corner of the wall and the floor, making the ball roll back along the ground towards the opponent. Flat butts are almost impossible to return.
Great shot! What a flat butt!

Man, I'm in great form over summer. Hitting flat butts everywhere.

Mate, I'm in flat butt heaven!
by AwesomenessXYZ February 7, 2010
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A condition that many Native Americans suffer from. The afflicted person has a very small butt. Note that both men and women can suffer from this.
Damn, I forgot that boys off the rez don't expect indian flat butt!

Damn it, my indian flat butt makes these jeans too loose!
by NativeWoman January 20, 2011
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Butt that bubbles, plateaus, then rounds again towards the legs.
An old lady who has sat for too many years on her bubble butt and begins to flatten but yet still round forming a flat bubble butt.
by Downtoearthspace cadette April 12, 2017
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