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To be photographed without consent and having been blinded by the flash of the camera. To be left feeling disorientated and confused; like a rabbit in caught in headlights.
When I went to my friends wedding the other day I got flash raped by the photographer. Who knows what they are doing with my picture right now?
by PhilmyBush May 21, 2010
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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To be flash raped is to get pelvicly thrusted at from behind from a complete stranger and then he runs away all in less than 3.5 seconds
Dag yo Irvine got flash raped whilst standin in the book signing lineup
by Dan Shute October 22, 2007
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Flash rape is when you use a flash bang and fucking rape the hitch and pull of a hot Cosby and leave before the flash bang wares off
USA far man: I just pulled a flash rape on a India girl in world war 2

British lad: fuck off mate all you did was a hot Cosby I bet you couldn't beat doom on ultra nightmare mode dipshit
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by Random dude = šŸš¬šŸ‘ December 18, 2019
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