An alternate spelling of Flameo or Flamey-o.

A term from avatar the last air bender that has several definitions, depending on the context, including "hello", "goodbye", and "great". It was used by Aang while attending a Fire Nation school, much to the confusion and amusement of others. Used before the Hundred Year War, the term had fallen out of everyday use by 100 AG, but it eventually resurfaced, though by 171 AG, the meaning had changed to be that of a mild swear, used to convey surprise and shock.
What the flameo is going on here?

Flameo, hotman.

How are you?
by Wackysnacky March 15, 2021
Flameo is a Minecraft youtuber with 1.68k subscribers. He is a really cool youtuber that is super hot.
Flameo is my favorite youtuber, he is so hot.
by zastix February 16, 2022
Some one who is not a lameo.. i.e. a really really cool person. Some one with excellent style. Who has alot of pazaz
Sarah And Mackenzie are so flameo, but tessa is a lameo.
by Sailor Jupiter July 28, 2006
a greeting for fellow Fire Nation people as used by Aang in Avatar the Last Airbender
Kuzon: Hey, Aang
Aang: Flameo hotman!
by flameohotman August 5, 2020