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Unusually hairy at a young age with a rather tough upbringing but stable. He loves guitar, smoking weed, drinking, and having a good time. He is not one to fuck with, Flamboyntons are known to be highly agressive and dangerous when tested so you'll get you ass kicked. The stresses of everyday life are relieved by cigarrettes and thought of getting pussy.. you love colorado and marijuana medicinals.. Flamboynton likes a good time and can make a damn good fire. One maybe profoundly pranked if seen sleeping or better yet passed out, see Flamboyntons have orange ass holes and produce large amounts of gas which is used in the methods of Flamboynton pranking.. You will be left disturbed and confused and most likely sick to ur stomach.. For the most part Flamboynton is peaceful and chill with an easy going personality
by ShitKicker51 September 05, 2010
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