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A cigarette mixed with the drug flakka,( Alpha-PVP). A quarter of tobacco in a standard cigarette is gently rolled out and removed from the cigarette and piece of flakka crystal or powder is placed in the newly freed space. The end of the cig paper is then folded to seal the end, the crystal is carefully crushed into powder, and the end twisted off. The newly sealed cig is then packed by hitting the tip .Saliva is applied to the tip , the cigarette filter is then removed, the wet end charred, then its lit and blast off, a huge head rush and body high that puts crack out of business ensues. A very common way to consume flakka in south Florida. Can also be made by using rolling papers with tobacco and/or weed with flakka mixed.
Down at Central Terminal in Fort Liquordale, all dem fools be slinging that flakka and smoking flakkarettes all day and night outside of Mcdonalds.
by Microdothead July 01, 2015
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