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The name of the game in which mental fortitude battle physical agility in a witch hunt for which the townspeople of Flüge try to piece together a flashlight to shine on and kill the Flügenhaven, all the while hiding in pitch black dark. All players must remain on hands and knees for the entirety of the game. If killed by the flügenhaven the towns person must scream and fall where killed remaining silent in hopes that a fellow towns man heard his cry and will come to his aid. If said flügenhaven kills all the townspeople before they can collect and assemble the flashlight to shine on him, he wins. The Flügenhaven may not steal the flashlight pieces, but he can disguise his identity for the first couple minutes of the game. The game begins when all players draw a card and the player who draws an X is the flügenhaven. While all the players wait outside a person not playing the game must hide the flashlight pieces on hard surfaces throughout the house, and then turns out all the lights. Once that person is done he lets in the players and the game begins.
The flügenhaven is among us.
by Kinkyskiddies February 29, 2016
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